PVC Root Penetration and UV Resistant Waterproofing Membrane

CONSOL PVC ROOFGARDEN WATERPROOFING is a type of new high macromolecular waterproofing membrane by adding plasticizer, filler, antioxidizer, ultraviolet light absorber and other auxiliaries with polyvinyl chloride resin as raw material. Cold-adhesive and hot- welding is both available when attending to the joint of membrane


  • Green roofs such as industrial and civil buildings
  • Public building
  • Garage roof
  • Subway station rooms
  • Comprehensive pipe corridors
  • and other buildings.


  • UV Resistant polyester scrim reinforced membrane with lacquer
  • High tensile strength, large ductility, strong applicability for contraction or deformation of the substrate.
  • Large width of material, high construction efficiency, small product consumption
  • Good diffusivity of water vapor, easy discharge of condensate, easy discharge of moisture left in the substrate
  • High tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties
  • Root penetration resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance
  • Good flexibility at low temperature even at – 30ºC and heat resistance
  • Suitable for mechanically fastened exposed rood system
  • No liquid flow at high temperature
  • Cold construction and good safety performance.
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