Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout with Micro and Macro Fiber

CONSOL GROUT 800 MF is a non-shrink cementitious grout with special grade silica fume and an additional special blend of micro and macro fibres. It is ready to use which has the characteristics of not shrinking with a working time that is suitable for local temperature. Complies to ASTM C-1107.

CONSOL GROUT 800 MF is easy to apply for :

  • Filling cavities, gaps and voids in concrete
  • Concrete repair using the grouting method
  • To grout anchors in concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Bearing plates
  • Base plates/machine foundation
  • Dry pack applications
  • Supporting bridge bearing pads
  • For structural repair, specially in marine environmental such as honeycombing
  • Precast wall panel and structural members
  • Use for structural grouting of column and machine base plates
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