CONSOL FORM OIL WB 014 is a ready to use, water based mould release agent, specially blend of mineral oils, water, and selected additives. It is supplied as a low viscosity.

On the mould, CONSOL FORM OIL WB 014 provides a chemical release action superior to that provided by normal oil based release agents. Entrapment of oil bubbles at the mould surface is minimized, reducing surface blemishes and substantially reducing remedial costs. As well as improving cast concrete surfaces, CONSOL FORM OIL WB 014 minimize damage to form surface.
On all mould types the easier release and reduced residue minimize the chance of damage to the mould surface during stripping and cleaning. This extends the life of the surface and reduces the frequency of concrete defects caused by damage to the mould face.


CONSOL FORM OIL WB 014 is used for:

  • For quick, clean and easy stripping of the formwork
  • For high quality, fair-faced and stain-free concrete


  • Ensure easy release, reducing damage and improving efficiency of production
  • Suitable for use with virtually all types of formwork
  • Minimize cleaning of formwork before re-use
  • Minimize surface blemished and staining, promoting high quality fair-faced concrete even with white cement
  • Reduces opportunity of damage to formwork, extending usable life
  • Concentrate minimize storage and transport costs
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