Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin Injection


CONSOL EPOXY INJECTION is a solvent-free, 2-component super low viscosity-liquid, based on high strength epoxy resins. After mixing, it is injected into cavities and cracks in concrete where it cures to a rigid high strength material.


CONSOL EPOXY INJECTION is used to fill and seal cavities and crack in structural concrete such as columns, beams, foundations, decks, and water-retaining structures. It not only forms an effective barrier against water infiltration, but also bonds the concrete sections, together, thereby restoring original structural strengths.


CONSOL EPOXY INJECTION is a deeply penetrative with high adhesive qualities. Other benefits are :

  • Solvent – Free
  • Suitable in both, dry and damp conditions
  • Useable at low temperatures
  • High mechanical and adhesive strength
  • Hard, but not brittle
  • No Shrinkage
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